Idelfonso and Skule

This documentary is the result of a collaboration between me – Idelfonso Elizalde, and my long time friend Skule Antonsen. It follows Skule’s search to uncover the biggest lie of all time – What really happened to Adolf Hitler?

Idelfonso Elizalde
Born in Buenos Aires 1972, living in Barcelona. Studied at the Barcelona Film School 1995 – 1998. Holds a degree in documentary filmmaking. Has made documentaries about environmental issues. In 2001 won international acclaim for the documentary “Lola” about the last living species of a rare breed of Spanish mountain sheep. 2011 finished “100 Years of Evil” after co-director Skule Antonsen went missing.

Skule Antonsen
Born 1968 in the mountain town Rekdal in Norway. Studied at the Barcelona Film School 1995 – 1998. He then went on to study criminal journalism and later took a degree in psychology. Before his leave of absence to shoot “100 Years of Evil” he was the head of the Research Unit for Criminal, Legal and Investigative Psychology at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), were he also lived before he went missing in New York November 2010.

Idelfonso and Skule

Idelfonso and Skule in Gothenburg (Sweden) 2006.







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Jul 07, 2013
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Hector Gonzalez

Hi Guys , would it be possible to obtain a copy of the work.

Thank you.

Hector Gonzalez/347-645-5656

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