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Skule Antonsen is a specialist in the field of Lie Detection and Forensic Psychology. Knowing Skule for quite a few years, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the concept of “truth” is paramount to him. He despises people who lie, to the degree that he never lies himself.

It was Skule’s pioneering research regarding Micro Expressions that led him to make the daring conclusion that the death of Adolf Hitler was in fact a cover up. 

Micro expressions relates to the subconscious movements of a persons facial muscles while he or she is telling a lie. 

Skule Antonsen: “When a person is lying he uses different facial muscles than when he is telling the truth. The brain has to fabricate reactions and answers – they don’t come naturally. So we have developed a software that analyzes facial movements so we can compare them to each other. It’s quite a tedious job but done correctly it has a very high accuracy. Much higher than the traditional lie detector test.”

While watching an old documentary about Hitler’s personal guards, Skule realized that they were lying when it came to the fate of Adolf Hitler.

Hitler's Guard Interview
Analyzing the former guard’s facial expressions during the interview, Skule came to the conclusion that he was lying. So did several of his colleagues in this old BBC documentary. 

A similar conclusion was made by the Vaeceslav Independent Institute for Criminal Psychology, as explained in this rescent press release: 

“The researchers emphasize that it’s impossible to get a clear view of what really happened from the interviews, but together with recent DNA reports showing that the skull fragments claimed to be Hitler’s really belonged to a 30 year old woman, it raises fair doubt that Hitler maybe not committed suicide in the bunker, and perhaps wasn’t even there at the time of Germany’s surrender.”

Read the full press release here:





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Aug 12, 2013
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I believe you ! Email me let’s talk.

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Jul 05, 2012
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They might try such a thing, but it ain’t gonna work. Not in America.One thing to remember, is the gerevnmont is made up of not merely the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary, but also of institutions which are, in many ways, bigger than the three aforementioned branches; the State Dept., the Pentagon, the FBI, and the CIA.All four of those institutions wield tremendous power, and have plans which are larger, and work out over longer periods of time than any President is in office.They have their own agendas.One could say they are a mediating force between the short-sighted agendas of the Executive and Legislative Branches, and the slow to move Judiciary Branch.In a way, they are an extra-Constitutional check on our already complex system of checks and balances.Obama can basically order anything he wants. However, he has to get those institutions to agree with him, before he can execute most large-scale maneuvers, outside of Legislative policy.Of the four institutions, the State Dept. is the one most pre-disposed to agree with Obama’s ideology. The FBI and the CIA are in the middle, and the Pentagon is the institution least pre-disposed to agree with Obama.Therefore, if Obama were to attempt to use the military for any extra-Constitutional maneuvers, or just merely against the will of the American people, I have a very hard time believing the Pentagon would go along with Obama’s request.

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Apr 02, 2012
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I have seen this documentary! It MUST be a hoax, there are some really UNBELIVABLE stories in there, I dont know what to think else, anyone else seen it?

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